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The Best in the Region / Since 2016

Our small but cozy hotel is set in an incredibly beautiful mountainous area 40 km from Yerevan, in the village of Aragats in Aparan. On the one hand you can see the two peaks of Mount Aragats - the eastern and northern peaks, which is the highest point in Armenia - 4095 meters. There are many legends about Mount Aragats and some locals are happy to tell you.

Luxury resort

If you prefer to relax in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by high mountains, blue rivers, lakes and waterfalls, where everyone provides complete relaxation and where you can try eco-friendly, tasty and healthy food, then its time to visit the Aragats Hotel, which has been open since August 2016.

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On the slope of Aragats

The comfortable rooms are furnished with stylish and beautiful furniture, have a TV and Wi-Fi. The hotel is close to all sights. Next to the hotel building there is a large fenced yard, a playground for children and a green garden where you can spend your free time tasting traditional Armenian barbeque and lavash.

Mount Aragats

Aragats was one of the largest volcanoes in the world in the past. It has a huge crater with a depth of 400 m and a diameter of 3 km, broken walls form four peaks of the mountain. The crater is open to the southeast and connects with surrounding rivers and waterfalls. The vertices have a semicircular shape and make an arc of 270 degrees. The highest is the northern slope (4090.1 meters). Western peak - 3995.3 meters, eastern - 3908.2 meters, and southern - 3838.8 meters. The crater is a large drainage basin. Here the Gegharot River flows into Kasah. The eternal snow cover of Aragats is about 6 km. The mountain has several small glaciers, the largest of which (1.5 km) in the crater. Glaciers feed the tributary of the Kasah Gegharot.